"Inspired by the comfort-thumbed ruby-red threads of my childhood. 
Wrapped around my wrist by my mum.
They were secret, silken talismans. 

A second-skin reminder that I carried her energy, 
her strength, her courage within me.
It was always within reach. Even when she wasn't.  

It was only when I came to be without them - without her - that I realised just how significant and symbolic those strands really were.
Not only did they weave between us,
they also crossed continents and cultures, languages and religions.
Simple, unifying gestures of love and connection."

Jourdana Davies, Founder. 

We reimagined those threads. Wove them around precious metals. 

Bound with messages and meaning, a reminder to the wearer that they are never alone. Each piece intended to connect you to the ones you love, the ones you lose, the ones still to come. 


We have partnered with GRIEF ENCOUNTER, a UK charity providing pioneering services to bereaved children and young people. For every piece sold, 10% of profits will go directly towards helping young lives navigate the complexity of grief and loss, the challenges of a 'new normal' and to rediscover hope, light, love and connection.