Connection is everything.

Inspired by the comfort-thumbed ruby-red strands that used to hang around my wrist as a child. They were secret, silken talismans, hand-tied by my mother for the moments when we were apart.  They were second-skin reminders that I carried her energy, her strength, her courage within me. It was always within reach, even when she wasn't. 

We reimagined those connective threads.
Wove them around precious metals.
Transformed them into meaningful, modern heirlooms in multi-colour.
Symbolic strands, intended to connect you to a feeling, a place, a purpose, a person.


We have partnered with GRIEF ENCOUNTER, a UK charity providing pioneering services to bereaved children and young people. For every piece sold, 10% of profits will be donated directly towards helping young lives navigate the complexity of grief and loss, the challenges of a 'new normal' and to rediscover hope, light, love and connection.