More than jewellery, Thousand Fibres is a collection of meaningful, modern heirlooms in multicolour.

(a note from the founder)

As a child, comfort-thumbed red threads often snaked around my wrist. Hand-tied by my mother - 
they were secret, silken talismans for the moments we were apart. 
Second-skin reminders of our connection.

It was only when I came to be without them - without her - that I realised just how significant and symbolic those strands really were. 

Not only did they weave between us, those ruby-red strands also crossed continents and cultures, languages and religions - held tight (for centuries) as amulets for love, protection, courage and connection. 



From a forgotten-about tangle of fallen threads, and with an idea to turn them into something that I could wear more permanently, my husband - and co-founder - reimagined them around a love worn pendant.  

It was this piece (the Mini Full Circle necklace) that became the bittersweet blueprint for our current thread-bound collection. 


We have partnered with GRIEF ENCOUNTER, a UK charity providing pioneering services to bereaved children and young people. For every piece sold, 10% of profits will be donated directly towards helping young lives navigate the complexity of grief and loss, the challenges of a 'new normal' and to rediscover hope, light, love and connection.