We are committed to sustainability and encourage conscious consumption.

In our pursuit of a streamlined and sustainable approach to production, packaging and profits, we carefully select the companies, manufacturers, and materials that we choose to work and partner with.

Every step of the process - from the Fairmined gold and recycled precious metals used in our jewellery to the (plastic-free) packaging made with sustainably sourced, recycled and recyclable materials from FSC-registered manufacturers, all the way through to the off-setting of carbon emissions on our international deliveries and the transparency & ethical production practices in place at our partner workshops in the UK - is aligned with our brand ethos. 

Additionally, all Thousand Fibres Jewellery is handcrafted, cast, plated and finished in the UK where, in a bid to avoid excess, we are able to keep our production runs local, small and responsive to customer demand. (It's the reason why you may from time-to-time spot an 'out of stock' pr 'pre-order' notifications across the site!) 

We can and, always will, strive to do better and are constantly working on sourcing cleaner, more eco-friendly alternatives to everything involved in running our brand.  Whether that's our walk-to-work commute, the natural rubber-based tape used to seal our deliveries or the eco-alliances we support through our manufacturing partners - we endeavour to do our very best for the future of our planet.