Sizing tips

  • Measure your finger a couple of times, ideally at the end of the day - when your hands are warmest, as your fingers swell when hot, and slim down when cold! 
  • If you find that you're between sizes, always size up.
  • Use a ring that you already own (and wear on your preferred finger) as a guide. Measure the diameter and compare against our sizing chart below.

How to measure your finger at home

  • Take a length of (non-stretchy) string or paper (approximately 1.5 cm wide x 10 cm long). 
  • Wrap around the base of the finger you'd like to wear the ring on. 
  • Mark where the ends meet and compare against the circumference measurements within our sizing charts below.


EXTRA SMALL   J   48.7 mm 15.5 mm
SMALL L 51.2 mm 16.3 mm
MEDIUM N 53.8 mm 17.1 mm
LARGE  P 56.3 mm  17.9 mm